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Marouf Tochal

Pomegranate Prunella

Pomegranate Prunella

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Pomegranate Juice, Dry Pomegranate Fruit, Sugar, Natural Flavours, Citric Acid, Guar Gum


If you love pomegranates, you'll adore our Pomegranate Prunella!

Packed with vitamin C goodness, it's a tangy delight that pampers your immune system and revitalizes your skin.

Double the pomegranate, double the pleasure!

Product Care

For the ultimate taste experience, keep our Pomegranate Prunella chilled in the refrigerator.

This ensures that the refreshing taste of pomegranates and the vitamin C content stay crisp and delicious.

Seal the package well to lock in the delectable freshness!

Disposal Guide

To reduce waste and promote sustainability, we kindly ask you to wash and air dry the container before recycling after enjoying our product.

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