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Marouf Tochal

Sour Damson Plum

Sour Damson Plum

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Dry Mix Fruit (Apricot-Pomegranate-Cherry-Plum), Salt, Sugars, Citric Acid


Get ready for a zesty twist with our Sour Damson Plum!

It's not just about vitamin C for immunity; it's also about digestive support with dietary fiber.

Indulge in this tangy goodness while giving your tummy some love.

Product Care

Our Sour Damson Plums are best buddies with the refrigerator.

Storing them in this cool environment helps maintain their zesty flavour and vitamin C content.

Keep the plums in it's original container to ensure they stay as tangy as the day you got them!

Disposal Guide

To reduce waste and promote sustainability, we kindly ask you to wash and air dry the container before recycling after enjoying our product.

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