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Marouf Tochal

Sour Garehgurut

Sour Garehgurut

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Yogurt, Cheese, Salt, Water


Our Sour Garehgurut isn't your average snack; it's a probiotic powerhouse.

With yogurt and cheese, you get a dose of B vitamins for energy, vitamin D for strong bones, and calcium for a healthy smile.

It's more than a treat; it's a holistic well-being experience.

Product Care

To protect the probiotics in our Sour Garehgurut, pop it in the fridge.

The chilly atmosphere helps preserve the beneficial bacteria in yogurt and cheese.

Keep it in it's original container, and you'll enjoy both the taste and the health benefits!

Disposal Guide

To reduce waste and promote sustainability, we kindly ask you to wash and air dry the container before recycling after enjoying our product.

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